For better or worse, if you simply mailed in the report to Adobe,
don't expect a personal if any response. That mechanism is not
Adobe Tech Support.

For future reference, regardless of what program you publish with
copy-and-paste is about the worst way to set yourself up for disaster
in case your document get lost or mangled.

        - Dov

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> From: Brian Weis
> Sent: Friday, June 20, 2008 7:36 AM
> Hi folks:
> Yesterday, I encountered this error in FM:  "An internal error occurred
> while writing imported graphics in this document. The file has been saved,
> but has lost some image data. Please report this error to Adobe Technical
> Support."
> I close the error dialog, and then try to close the file ... but I am
> prompted once again to save it before closing. I am now in a loop until I
> break the cycle by clicking "No" in the save prompt. Contrary to the error
> message's statement that the file has been saved, I find that none of my
> changes, text or otherwise, are in the file. With a little more work, I am
> able to determine that a Visio object must be the culprit.
> How do I know this?
> In the directory where my source Frame doc is located, I see a set of
> "garbage" files -- that is, files that my system does not recognize by
> filename extension. I recognize them as copies of my source doc ... but with
> different extensions (e.g., .BE7, .75F). These files have date/time stamps
> right around the time I was trying to save my changes. Right clicking on one
> of these files, and specifying FrameMaker to open it, I find a version of my
> document with the most recent set of changes ... but the Visio object is now
> grayed out in its inline frame.
> Just to be clear, I am using "Visio object" to refer to an graphic that I
> have inserted by copying the elements from the original Visio drawing and
> then pasting them into an inline frame in FrameMaker. I did not use the
> "Import File" option.
> I did some more testing with a copy of my now-recovered source document.
> While playing with different ways to insert/paste the Visio work, and
> accessing Visio work in other documents by right-clicking them and selecting
> "Visio Object" from the pop-up menu, Framemaker eventually "detected a
> serious problem" and had to quit. This error dialog called out a FrameLog
> file (an error log) and instructed me to send the file and a description of
> what I did to fmerror at
> I have been using the paste method with Visio objects successfully for
> almost two years. I realize it is not recommended, but I have never had an
> issue until now. And it looks like my previous documents that have one or
> more Visio objects inserted in this fashion will suffer the same problem. At
> least, all such files I have tested exhibit the same problem -- even just
> opening a file that has a Visio object will subject it to this problem.
> I sent all the info and the error messages (a longer summary than I've
> posted here) to Adobe around 6pm last night. I have not heard from them, and
> I probably should not expect to. I have searched Adobe Support for info on
> Visio, "Internal Error 7204", and other things, but have not found anything
> helpful. So I come to you in the Frame using community. Has anyone here
> copy/paste Visio into Frame? Have you ever come across this problem? Do you
> know a solution?
> Thanks in advance.
> --
> Brian Weis

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