I have been using Rick's ImportFormatsSpecial plugin for a couple of years now, 
and my clients liked it so much they bought it, too. It has really helped us be 
more efficient and accurate in this area of FM...can't say enough good things 
about it!!!

Rene L. Stephenson

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Hi Jeff,

See the screenshot at


Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Hi,
> I'm looking for a complete list of what gets imported when doing a File -> 
> Import -> Formats  -> Document Properties.
> I'm running FM8 Windows.  I looked at the FM8 User Guide, but I don't 
> believe the list provided on page 417  is complete.  For example, 
> information set under File -> File Info gets imported, but is not listed 
> in the User Guide.
> Thanks in advance,
> ------------------------------------------
> Jeff Schweiner
> Hardware Engineering Writer
> Cray Inc.
> (715) 726-4801


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