My HP 8710w notebook does NOT have a glossy screen! I believe that
the glossy screen is only available with the low resolution model,
i.e., 1680x1050 as opposed to 1920x1200. I have the high resolution

You cannot directly connect a digital monitor to the 8710w. You must
use a docking station to get DVI anyway. I don't know if the 8710w with
the docking station and DVI supports DVI-D which is required for the
2560 x1600 resolution used by the 30" monitors. The 8710w now does come
with the options for NVIDIA Quadro FX 3600M graphics controller as
opposed to the NVIDIA 1600M graphics controller. I would suggest that
you contact HP for clarification of the DVI-D issue to support the
30" monitors. Personally, I don't have any dock for my 8710w and have
Never used it with any external monitors other than presentation
projectors which typically have very low resolution (1024x768).

        - Dov

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> From: Paul Findon
> Sent: Monday, June 30, 2008 7:17 AM
> Hi Dov,
> Bit late getting back with this, but how do you like the glossy
> screen for reading, writing, etc? And can the 8710w drive your 30-
> inch Dell display?
> When I've used laptops in an office for any length of time, I've
> always plugged in a USB keyboard, so the keyboard is not a real deal
> breaker for me. I plug in a mouse as well.
> I also find laptop screens too low when used on a desk, leading to
> neck, shoulder aches. In one office where I work sometimes, I put my
> laptop on top of its original box, which brings the screen up to eye
> level, and use a USB keyboard and mouse on the desk. Obviously, it's
> not practical to carry a box around, but if you're planning on using
> your laptop on a desk for more than a day, it's worth thinking about
> raising the screen height, or connecting an external display.
> Paul

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