Shlomo, Art - thank you for your suggestions.

The problem is that I'm linking to destinations in the same file - so
unchecking "Open cross-document links in same window" doesn't work.
I've had a quick look at TimeSavers, and it seems the same applies (only
for cross-document links, not same-document links).


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You wrote:

>Each of our product manuals is published as a single PDF file.  Within 
>them there are frequent cross-references to destinations in the same 
>file.  We have received a request for these links to open in a new 
>window.  We insert these links as normal cross-references in
>Is it possible to achieve this without manually changing the links 
>after the PDF file is generated?
>I know the user can do this with right-click > open link in new window,

>but it seems this is too difficult for them.

There is a local viewing preference in Acrobat or Reader that controls
whether a linked PDF opens in a new window.
In Acrobat 8: Edit > Preferences > Documents -- turn off "Open
cross-document links in same window" (it is turned on by default); in
previous Acrobat/Reader versions this preference is in the General

Preferences apply to the Acrobat/Reader in the computer where the PDF is
viewed, but not to the PDF file itself.

[My FrameMaker-to-Acrobat add-on has a function that controls the "new
window" property globally or individually to FM
cross-references/hypertext links, so that no additional actions are
necessary after the PDF is created. This can also be optionally be
applied to PDFs displayed in a browser, so that web-based links will
display in a new browser window.
See for more information and
sample files.]

Shlomo Perets

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