I am using the DITA-FMx plugin for FrameMaker with EDDs derived from 
the DITA DTDs/schemas.

The <p> element has a number of context-based format rules that 
specify various para formats dependent on context.  When the context 
is not specified in the format rules, it simply defaults to the Body 
format, set to 11pt Gentium Basic.

There are a number of elements that apply a char format that 
overrides the para format of the element in which they are embedded, 
e.g. when <codeph> is embedded in mixed content in <p>, the 
prog.codeph char format is supposed to override the Body para 
format.  Which it does, almost.  Except that prog.codeph is set to 
9.5 pt Lucida Sans Unicode.  The font Lucida Sans Unicode overrides 
the Gentium Basic font but the size of 9.5 pt does NOT override the size 11 pt.

So <codeph> within <p> appears at 11 pt Lucida Sans Unicode, NOT 9.5 
pt as required.  It's dead ugly, I can tell you.

The format rules for <codeph> simply specify the char format; there 
are no format change rules.  In the context in which the <p> is 
located, there are no format change rules, it simply defaults to 
Body.  So why is the char format size of 9.5 pt not being applied?


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