Combs, Richard wrote:
> Pat Christenson wrote: 
>> Does anyone know of a way to suppress the TableCleaner 
>> message in the Console when you first launch FrameMaker? Thanks.
> Do you mean these lines? 
> "TableCleaner 1.7 Version loaded.
>   Tools for cleaning up and formatting tables.
>     For more information, choose Help > TableCleaner Help or contact
>       Carmen Publishing at rick at
> I can't imagine there would be. I can't imagine why you want to, either.
> Is this your only FM plugin? At startup, I get a couple of dozen lines
> written to the Console (about a quarter of them from FrameScript),
> reporting the loading of various plugins. What's the harm? :-) 

Probably the main harm is that it brings the console to the front, when 
you'd rather have the main window active.

The setprint plug-in, free from Sundorne
not only sets your default printer within FM differently from your 
Windows default printer (e.g., to the Adobe PDF instance), it also puts 
the console window in the background.  Adding this plug-in might solve 
the issue, even if the setprint function isn't used.

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