Stuart Rogers wrote: 

> Probably the main harm is that it brings the console to the 
> front, when you'd rather have the main window active.
> The setprint plug-in, free from Sundorne 
> not only sets your default printer 
> within FM differently from your Windows default printer 
> (e.g., to the Adobe PDF instance), it also puts the console 
> window in the background.  Adding this plug-in might solve 
> the issue, even if the setprint function isn't used.

Hmm, the Console doesn't come to the front for me. Of course, I'm still
using FM 6. Maybe giving the Console window focus is an "enhancement" in
newer versions? Or maybe one of my many plugins does what the setprint
plugin does? 

(BTW, thanks for the reminder about that -- I meant to add it to my
collection, but forgot.) 


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