Here's the mystery -
Running 7.2 on XP, sp2. I only have the one maker.ini (the one in the  
Program Files folder). I did a search through the entire C drive for  
the second one.  Nothing shows up. Of course, when I move the TEXT  
option to the head of the list in the Program Files file, it doesn't  
change how the paste function works.  Any hints where my other  
maker.ini might be lurking??

will white

On Mar 5, 2008, at 4:14 AM, Reng, Dr. Winfried wrote:

> Hi Marta,
> In the maker.ini file change the order of formats
> for ClipboardFormatsPriorities, so that TEXT comes
> first. Newer FM versions have 2 maker.ini files,
> one in the Program Files folder and one in your
> personal folder.
> This change in the maker.ini file works only for text
> which you copied in another application. If you want
> to paste FM text, you should use additional utilities
> which strip the formatting info.
> Best regards
> Winfried
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>> Subject: Is there a way to paste text as default?
>>  Is there a way to set the default paste option in FrameMaker
>>  to Text  (so that I don't have to use Paste Special > Text) ?
>> Thanks
>> Marta Berman
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