Hi Jacob,

well, it depends on a couple of things:

    * How do you wish to structure your documents?
    * What information model (DTD/Schema) do you wish to use?
    * Do you want to keep structured FM files or do you need XML?

My experience is that "Structure current document" using a conversion 
table does work, but I use it for relatively simple documents.

When I need to (re)structure documents to DITA, I use MIF2Go instead.

Kind regards

Yves Barbion 
Adobe-Certified FrameMaker Instructor

Jakob Fix wrote:
> Hello,
> I was wondering if anybody is using the "Structure current document"
> functionality in FM8 to structure imported Office 2007 documents, and
> whether this method can be recommended, or whether there are
> shortcomings that one should know about before going down this route.

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