Open the Word (even better, a text) file in Frame. If you do open Word
directly, be sure to clean it of hidden characters by saving it as MIF
and reopening.
You should end up with a FM file with the keywords, one to a line.
Select them and convert to a table. You should end up with a single
column, one keyword to a cell.
Open the IXGen keyword table and follow the directions to add X number of rows.
Copy the column of new words. Paste into the IXGen table, replacing
the empty cells in the keyword column

You may want to review the IXGen doc, too.


On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 4:53 PM, Harold Winberg
<harold.winberg at> wrote:
> Hello Framers
>  I have a question about the key word list.
>  My boss gave me a Word doc with some key words and told me there was a
>  way to put them into the frame template all at once. I can re-type or
>  cut & paste one by one but is there really a way to insert these words
>  all at once into individual cells of the table in the FM Key Word
>  template?

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