I downloaded it. Underwhelmed.

We purchased Flare in our move away from WebWorks Publisher Pro and I am 
just starting to learn it. I looked at Blaze and was shocked that it 
looked identical to Flare and that I had no idea how to go about making 
a book. Never have I acquired a DTP, layout or text app of any sort and 
had no idea how to proceed. If I banged my head against it for a little 
while I'm sure I'd get it but decided instead to import a FM book (about 
350 pages) and look at the results.

30 minutes later I had a bunch of files all in one structure. PNGs mixed 
in with HTML files. Chaos. And HTML files? You gotta be kidding me.

If I have a lot of free time on my hands I might look again but right 
now ... not looking at Blaze at all as a replacement for FM.


Will. Gaffga
Documentation Manager
Gibbs and Associates
Moorpark, CA USA

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