There seem to be a number of spacing-around-accented-characters problems 
cropping up. This is at least the third such version of a similar 
problem that I've heard of recently. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a 
solution at this point .. other than trying other fonts. Maybe someone 
else can suggest a solution.


Martinek, Carla wrote:
> OK... weird things are happening.
> I've got some Spanish content where I changed the font family to Arial 
> Unicode (from plain old Arial).  Accented characters suddenly developed 
> massive spacing around them  - for example: 
>      "s   ?   lo"  instead of 
>      "s?lo"
> I need to specify a Unicode font set for our FM8 docs going forward... Our 
> current template specifies Arial and Times New Roman.  I'm not married to 
> either of them, but I NEED Unicode fonts to work in the files I have going 
> forward for some of my docs that have multiple languages in them.  There's 28 
> other languages in this same doc (a safety sheet), and I was *so* excited 
> that I'd be able to do them all in one Frame file instead of having to use 
> CorelDraw.
> Any suggestions?  Settings to change in FM8?  Replacement Unicode fonts to 
> use?
> And of COURSE we're on a deadline...
> -Carla
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