I want to use "tabs" along the outside edge of each left and right pages in
my chapter documents to indicate the name of the chapter. I want the tabs to
appear the way alphabet letters appear along the outside edge of dictionary
pages; i.e., where A appears higher on the outside edge than B; B is higher
than C, etc.

I remember reading in some Frame forum a method for setting up the master
pages so that when the book is generated, the content in the tab for Chapter
1 is in the topmost tab of the Master page (and the other tabs do not
display); Chapter 2 is in the tab just beneath Chapter 1(and the other tabs
don't display), and so on. When all of the available tabs have been used
once, the subsequent chapters repeat this cycle. The placement is generated
dynamically when the book is updated so that if chapters move, or are
deleted or added, there are enough tabs and each has the appropriate content
for that chapter's location in the hierarchy .

If anyone knows how to perform this technique, please explain it to me

Thanks in advance,

Valerie Lipow
vallipow at gmail.com

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