While not totally crazy nor the optimal way to proceed, but it certainly is 
possible, and very easy.

You don't say which version of FM you're using, but in FM 7.2 it is the last 
entry on the "Special" menu - Remove Structure from Flow

I would save the resulting 'flat file' to a different name so you may continue 
to develop the structured version, and if necessary flatten it again to update 
the TOC, Index, etc.

On Friday, May 02, 2008 07:58 AM, Harold Winberg wrote:

| Hello Framers.
| Think me nuts but is there an easy way to convert a structured document
| to non-structured?
| The original doc was converted directly from Word to structured.
| The reason I am asking is that I am involved in a panic project where
| we might not have a working structured document by the time the TOC 
| and index are due.
| My plan is to use a non-structured doc with para tags to make Index and
| TOC. I will have a very good draft and can adjust if we have a problem
| at the end.
| I know this sounds insane but I have learned that it works and it gives
| time to develop a good index before the last day of the project.
| Thanks
| Les.

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