Hi Harold:

I'm not sure if I'm missing something here, but can't you generate a 
non-structured TOC and index even from a structured document? That's what 
I have. My TOC is based on paragraph styles, not elements, and your 
structured document still uses those. And although I'm using structured 
markers in my files for index entries, you can still use unstructured ones 
and generate the index the same as usual. So I'm not understanding the 
need to get rid of the structure.

Also, structured documents still have all the same stuff as unstructured 
documents: paragraph styles, character styles, reference pages, master 
pages, markers...there's nothing to stop you from continuing to work in 
the same document and treat it like it's unstructured. You could mess up 
the structure, but FrameMaker won't stop you from doing that.

But if you still want to eliminate the structure, I think if you set your 
FrameMaker to use just the FrameMaker interface (File > Preferences > 
General > Product Interface = FrameMaker), then open the structured 
document in that environment. It'll warn you that it's going to remove the 
structure and you can just say yes.

Hope something here helps. If not, someone else on the list can always 
point you in the right direction.

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Structure to non-structure.

Hello Framers.

Think me nuts but is there an easy way to convert a structured document
to non-structured?

The original doc was converted directly from Word to structured.

The reason I am asking is that I am involved in a panic project where we
might not have a working structured document by the time the TOC and
index are due. 

My plan is to use a non-structured doc with para tags to make Index and
TOC. I will have a very good draft and can adjust if we have a problem
at the end.

I know this sounds insane but I have learned that it works and it gives
time to develop a good index before the last day of the project.



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