Hi Art...

Opening a structured document in unstructured mode will wipe out all of 
the structure. However, you can save an FM8 DITA file to an FM7 or MIF7 
file and open it in FM7.x (as long as structured mode is enabled), make 
edits, then reopen in FM8 and save back to XML. It's possible that while 
in FM7.x if the wrong thing is edited, you might break a reference of 
some kind, but in general it *should* work. Note that it's not really 
recommended that you save DITA XML files to FM binary files and edit 
them (in FM8 or otherwise). People do this and in general it works fine, 
but you can run into problems saving back to XML and some of the 
"auto-open" features don't work right.

However, you can install DITA-FMx 0.0 (free) on FM7.1 or FM7.2 and then 
you're able to open/edit an FM8 DITA XML file then give it back to the 
FM8 author and all would work just fine. (There's nothing special about 
an FM8 DITA file .. it's just DITA XML .. you can open/edit in any XML 




Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

Art Campbell wrote:
> Has anyone tried creating a DITA document in FM 8, saving as FM 7 MIF,
> and then opening in unstructured 7.1 / 2?
> Can the 7.x user make text edits (not wholesale reformatting or tag
> changes) without trashing the "hidden" DITA structure and data?
> Thanks,
> Art

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