You are NOT being given very accurate information from your so-called

First of all, Adobe has not provided its own PostScript driver since
Windows NT 4 and Windows'98 days. Since then (i.e., for Windows 2000,
Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, and Windows 2008 Server),
the driver distributed by Microsoft with Windows, the PSCRIPT5.DLL driver,
is the driver that was developed by a collaboration of Adobe with Microsoft
and now maintained by Microsoft. Virtually all Adobe's OEMs package up
this driver along with some added-value "plug-ins" along their products.
(Providers of CloneScript devices often do likewise, although many of them
distribute a fairly unreliable PostScript driver sourced from other
companies - a separate discussion.)

There are a good number of printers available with Adobe PostScript 3. They
are available from Xerox, OKI, Ricoh, Xant?, Dell, Fuji Xerox, and others.
Some high end printer vendors sell their print engines with EFI RIPs or
Spire RIPs that all use Adobe PostScript 3.

The availability of these printers has nothing to do with drivers. A fully
functional PostScript driver is delivered by Microsoft with every copy of

(Note that the "Adobe Universal PostScript Driver Installer" available on
Adobe's website has not been updated since the days of Windows 2000. For
Windows 2000 and later, all it does is use the system's own PostScript driver
and associates it with a user designated PPD file, similar to how the built-in
Windows "Add Printer Wizard" works. This installer is a 16-bit installer and
does not work properly with Windows Vista nor with any 64-bit Windows version.)

Does that answer your question?!?

        - Dov

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> We are in the process of updating our PostScript color printer. Only a
> few seem to be offering true Adobe PS3 printers, but one of the agents
> (with a brand that seems to offer either one of true Adobe PS3 or a
> PS3 emulator) says that Adobe no longer provides drivers, only
> licenses for third parties to make those, resulting in diminishing
> offers of printers with the "Adobe PS3" logo.
> Can anyone on the list confirm this or explain this? (Dov? Shlomo?)
> Thank you,
> Bodvar Bjorgvinsson
> Air Atlanta Icelandic

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