I have been using FrameMaker with DITA-FMx to develop a book.  In 
FrameMaker you can create composite graphics consisting of imported 
pixmaps plus text frames, text lines (graphics text), rules, shapes, 
etc.   These do not export to DITA XML so I have been creating composite 
graphics in Inkscape.

Unfortunately, when imported into FrameMaker you often get strange 
artefacts: rules that were never drawn in the first place, random 
rectangles overlaying the objects, etc.   I tried exporting to PDF via 
the Cairo engine but then my clipped pixmaps didn't (although, oddly, 
they always imported perfectly into FM!).

The answer is to save as standard SVG in the Inkscape Save As dialogue, 
ignoring all the dire warnings about losing Inkscape-specific aspects.  
Be careful: this Save As turns into an "export from" because, when you 
try to close the "saved" file, Inkscape informs you that it is not saved 
and do you want to save it with Inkscape features.  This will overwrite 
the file you just "exported" unknowingly.

Anyway, this seems to solve all the problems with artefacts.  I mention 
it to the DITA and FrameMaker community in case this affects other 
editors or tools.



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