The FrameMaker 8.0.3 update is now available via the Adobe Updater.
It will be available via Adobe's website in the very near future.

        - Dov

Per the "readme"...

List of major issues resolved in this update.

* Extended characters have extra preceding space when using Arial Unicode MS

* FM catalogs don't sort properly.

* DITA Conref does not get resolved in some cases.

* Some higher code point characters are dropped on MIF open

* In documents with Japanese, Chinese and Korean combination fonts, quotation 
marks look different than in FM7.x

* While using Combined Fonts, non-Asian characters present in the Asian font 
are displayed using the Asian font instead of the non-Asian fonts.

* Random letters disappear from textline present in oval within anchored Frame.

* Use of page range in Index randomly adds a couple of question marks left and 
right in the generated index file.

* Characters become invisible on the screen on the next line while hyphenating 
words just before the accented chars.

* The NextPfgTag remains the same when pressing Enter at the beginning of the 

* FM crashes when a document containing hypertext (spread over two lines) to 
marker is saved.

* FM spellchecker does not make use of user.dct entries

* History palette does not record typing command in textline.

* FM crashes on saving a file after deleting split-ed text line.

* For a 3d imported by reference, on moving it from hidden to show all after 
applying conditional text,  the referenced path is lost and has facets which 
are for u3d imported as copy

* Pressing space button at the start of line places cursor at the end of line.

* Drag fails if the target happens to be a locked range.

* FM crashes when a graphic file with object properties dialog open is 
overwritten at the system.

* Importing object to the second file when "Quick Access Bar" and "Formatting 
Bar" are open and then closing the file, crashes FM.

* Converting a cross-reference to text crashes FrameMaker when the format of 
the cross-reference has been edited.

* Performing a find change using the backwards option leads to a crash.

* Change All operation of a character leads to crash.

* When an equation is applied in conditional text and hidden, it results in 

* The hyphenation of words in old netherland language changes character case.

* In Netherland language words get corrupted when unhyphenation is done with 
the words which have dieresis.

* Garbage characters are shown in Tab stop list box if a legacy file containing 
higher ANSI characters in Align field of decimal tab is opened in FM 8.

* Japanese tab stops do not work in FM 8.

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