Anyone else having trouble getting this update to install? 

I've tried multiple times, including from Acrobat after completely shutting
down my system and every time it says that it detects that FM is open and
cannot install. At least twice, FM was definitely not open.

Wondering if it's just my system or if others are having the same problem. I
was really hoping to get my dictionary working properly. 

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Subject: FrameMaker 8.0.3 Update Now Available via Adobe Updater
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The FrameMaker 8.0.3 update is now available via the Adobe Updater.
It will be available via Adobe's website in the very near future.

        - Dov

Per the "readme"...

List of major issues resolved in this update.

* Extended characters have extra preceding space when using Arial Unicode MS

* FM catalogs don't sort properly.

* DITA Conref does not get resolved in some cases.

* Some higher code point characters are dropped on MIF open

* In documents with Japanese, Chinese and Korean combination fonts,
quotation marks look different than in FM7.x

* While using Combined Fonts, non-Asian characters present in the Asian font
are displayed using the Asian font instead of the non-Asian fonts.

* Random letters disappear from textline present in oval within anchored

* Use of page range in Index randomly adds a couple of question marks left
and right in the generated index file.

* Characters become invisible on the screen on the next line while
hyphenating words just before the accented chars.

* The NextPfgTag remains the same when pressing Enter at the beginning of
the line.

* FM crashes when a document containing hypertext (spread over two lines) to
marker is saved.

* FM spellchecker does not make use of user.dct entries

* History palette does not record typing command in textline.

* FM crashes on saving a file after deleting split-ed text line.

* For a 3d imported by reference, on moving it from hidden to show all after
applying conditional text,  the referenced path is lost and has facets which
are for u3d imported as copy

* Pressing space button at the start of line places cursor at the end of

* Drag fails if the target happens to be a locked range.

* FM crashes when a graphic file with object properties dialog open is
overwritten at the system.

* Importing object to the second file when "Quick Access Bar" and
"Formatting Bar" are open and then closing the file, crashes FM.

* Converting a cross-reference to text crashes FrameMaker when the format of
the cross-reference has been edited.

* Performing a find change using the backwards option leads to a crash.

* Change All operation of a character leads to crash.

* When an equation is applied in conditional text and hidden, it results in

* The hyphenation of words in old netherland language changes character

* In Netherland language words get corrupted when unhyphenation is done with
the words which have dieresis.

* Garbage characters are shown in Tab stop list box if a legacy file
containing higher ANSI characters in Align field of decimal tab is opened in
FM 8.

* Japanese tab stops do not work in FM 8.


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