mulholland4 wrote:

>  I have a problem which started today. When I generate a postscript
> from a frame book file I get an "out of framemaker  memory message",
> Framemaker then proceeds to display a serious error message, after
> it
> crashes. This happens regardless of the postscript driver I use to
> the
> file to.
> I am using XP with Frame 8 and the new 8.03 (8.0p276) update which I
> downloaded today. The book file I am working on has been fine up to
> and I have not had any odd messages or crashes prior to now.

Check to see if you're running low on disk space on the drive/partition
that holds your TEMP (or TMP) directory. On any drive/partition, for
that matter. 

How much memory do you have? Have you made any changes to virtual memory
settings? Check your paging file size and if it's custom (not
system-managed), consider increasing it so that it's at least 1.5 times
your physical memory. Or let the system manage it. 

Defrag your drive(s). Reboot. 

If none of those things help, you may have developed a hardware problem,
such as failing or flaky memory. If you're comfortable mucking about in
the case, try reseating your memory sticks and any cards you have. 

BTW, why are you printing to a PostScript file? If it's to create a PDF,
you don't need to do it that way, but if you insist, in Print Setup,
select the printer named Adobe PDF. No other PostScript printer is
appropriate for creating PDFs, and if you're using "clonescript"
(non-Adobe copy of PostScript) printers, that might cause who-knows-what
kinds of problems. :-}


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