On 15 May 2008, at 04:25, Jeremy H. Griffith wrote:

> On Wed, 14 May 2008 22:05:47 -0400, Alan Houser  
> <arh at groupwellesley.com>
> wrote:
>> Which is worse? --
>> - You reply to a message on the list. Assuming that you are  
>> replying to
>> the sender, you include information that is personal, privileged, or
>> inappropriate-for-public-consumption. Your reply goes to the entire
>> list. The damage is done.
>> - You reply to a message on the list. It goes to the sender. With two
>> mouse clicks, you correct the oversight and direct your reply to  
>> the list.
>> A default "reply-to-all" listserv configuration is evil.
> Quite right.  But it's worse than that.  A list with reply-to-all

I disagree.

Hedley is not asking for a "reply-to-all." What he, I and, no doubt,  
others want is "reply-to-list." In other words, when you click your  
Reply button, by default, messages are addressed to the list.

I've been using lists since 1993 and running several since 1996, and  
Framers is the only list I've ever come across that works this way.  
Replying to list messages should be simple - click Reply and the  
addressing is done. The current setup is cumbersome and has tripped  
many of us up. If someone wants to reply privately, they will  
naturally be more careful and double-check the To address.


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