Hi, Mike.

> > May I simply suggest that you and Paul (and others who want that
> > client behavior) simply do a "Reply to All" *each and every time*
> > want to reply to a Frame Users List message, and you will get the
> > you want?
> Actually, it doesn't give us the effect we want at all. Not that I'm
> about it, but with Reply to All, the sender of the message to which I
reply gets
> two copies, one sent to him/her and one to the list. This doubles the
> traffic needlessly, whereas Reply to List sends only one message.

A point ...  but this is pretty darn minor, I would think(?) It is not a
busy list per se.

> Sometimes, as with this message, it quadruples the Internet traffic,
> there were 3 cc's on the posting.

But, if the same person is included three (or more) times on a Cc, mail
servers filter that out anyway.

> Does this list have a moderator? Could you poll the list so that we
can settle
> this the democratic way?

I'd rather not see it change, because I am used to the way this list
operates currently. But, if the consensus is to go the other way, then I
will change my expectations too and work without letting it bug me.

I think we are worrying about this more than we need to - the real
object is to deal with FrameMaker questions. So, I will go quiet now on
this topic ...


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