We also use the printer capabilites to produce booklets. We have run into 
one snag.
The original FM files were produced for printing on A4 size paper and body 
text font size is TNR 10 pt. (of course, all other font sizes - headings, 
etc. - are extrapolated from the body text).
The printer scales the content for booklet printing, so the text comes out 
pretty small. Our workaround was to modify the document using larger fonts 
(TNR 14 pt for Body pgf).

Would adjusting the printers Enlarge setting solve the problem and obviate 
modifying all the docs destined for booklet printing? Or is there some other 
way around this?

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> This is *much* easier done at the printer than in software of any kind.
> Modern professional printer drivers know how to paginate booklets (or
> "signatures"), thus there isn't much sense in doing it in software
> unless you are printing at home.
> If you ARE printing at home, other respondents have suggested
> inexpensive software.  I used BlueSquirrel's software in a production
> environment at one point---once you get the template down it is rock 
> solid.
> Andersen, Verner Engell VEA wrote:
>> Hey
>> Is there a plugin which enables to create a booklet with Framemaker.  I
>> am thinking of a function where  for example page 1 and page 62 is
>> printed on one side of the paper and page 2 and page 61 on the other
>> side of the paper.

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