Thaks for you answer Fred.
I share your opinion and that is how I organized things is the past. 

However, one of the parameters has changed. Previously we printed on B5 size 
paper that was then bound in a spiral binder.  I used my usual template, which 
is suitable for printing on all paper sizes, to crate a template with a page 
layout and table formats suitable for the smaller size page. Our standard paper 
is A4. 
The problem arose when it was decided (and the decider was not me) that instead 
of printing on special size paper, the short documents would printed on A4 in 
booklet format held together by staples in the fold. This is when the font size 
bcame an issue.

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  Leah Smaller wrote:

  > We also use the printer capabilites to produce booklets. We have run into 
  > one snag.
  > The original FM files were produced for printing on A4 size paper and body 
  > text font size is TNR 10 pt. (of course, all other font sizes - headings, 
  > etc. - are extrapolated from the body text).
  > The printer scales the content for booklet printing, so the text comes out 
  > pretty small. Our workaround was to modify the document using larger fonts 
  > (TNR 14 pt for Body pgf).
  > Would adjusting the printers Enlarge setting solve the problem and obviate 
  > modifying all the docs destined for booklet printing? Or is there some 
  > way around this?

  The most direct approach is to take advantage of the way FrameMaker 
  separates content from the formatting. Create a template that uses the 
  actual page size of the booklet. Define the necessary paragraph formats
  with the same names as your existing document but sizing and spacing 
  that is appropriate for the actual page size. Then either import the 
  content from the existing docs into the new template using the "Reformat 
  Using Current Document's Formatting" or import all the formats from the
  new template into the existing docs. Either way, you're combining just
  the content from the existing docs with just the formatting from the
  new template.

  The bottom line is I can see no good reason why the page size in 
  FrameMaker should ever be different from the physical size of the 
  deliverable. That seems to defeat the whole point of a WYSIWIG tool.


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