Enterprises looking to fast track their content strategy and minimize  
the risks of a ?big-bang? initiative are choosing DITA--one of the  
most popular information models to suit today?s content?rich, multi- 
channel environment. But how do you know where to begin? How do you  
move the enterprise content strategy from the back room to the board  
room and develop a framework for success?

Amber Swope (JustSystems) and Michael Priestley (IBM) started the ball  
rolling with the release of the DITA Maturity Model, a document that  
divides DITA adoption into six levels, each with its own required  
investment and associated return on investment. The Maturity Model can  
help you assess your own capabilities (DITA readiness) and business  
goals and assist you in choosing the appropriate initial adoption  
level for your needs and schedule.

DITA Maturity Model (PDF)

Now it?s your turn. We?ve modularized the DITA Maturity Model and  
created an online community dedicated to helping improve the model.  
The goal of the DITA MM Community (DITA MMC) is to elevate the  
discussion of DITA adoption and provide practitioners, managers and  
executives with a working forum to share knowledge and practical  
guidance, develop DITA MM Business Cases, test out DITA MM  
implementation scenarios and get peer-to-peer advice.

DITA Maturity Model Community on

This community is designed to bring the DITA Maturity Model to life,  
applying the ?Wisdom of the Crowds? to the evolution and refinement of  
this approach to DITA adoption. The premise is that none of us is as  
good as all of us. The DITA MMC is an evolving resource that will grow  
and change over time with your active participation and contributions.

Please take some time to visit the site and share your thoughts about  
the DMM, suggestions for improvement, and use case scenarios.

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