Hi Mathieu,

The trick to migrating a word doc to structured Frame is to build the  
structure of the FrameMaker document as you go.

For example, you might insert a Section element, followed by a nested  
Heading element. You would then copy and paste the heading from the  
Word document into the Heading element of the Frame document, taking  
care to use the Paste Special feature to avoid copying any of the  
formatting from the word document.

You might then insert a Para element into your section, and copy and  
"Paste Special" the corresponding paragraph from your Word document.

This process is rather time consuming. If you have a large monitor, or  
two monitors, you might find it best to keep the word and Frame  
documents open side-by-side.

As an alternative, if you have FrameScript, I have written a wizard  
that allows you to to this interactively. The wizard allows you to  
structure documents based on your own EDD, and is able to migrate  
paragrahs, tables, and referenced graphics, along with index markers.  
Contact me off list if you are interested at martin.smith at golehtek.com.

Soon I hope to add this script to the other freely-available scripts  
on my web site at http://www.golehtek.com

Best regards,


Martin R. Smith

This means that you need to insert the elements for
Quoting mathieu jacquet <bobitch at hotmail.com>:

> Hi all,
> I have been asked to migrate a Word document into a structured FM   
> document. I have done a lot of migrations from Word into   
> unstructured frame, but I must admit I am a newbie in structured   
> frame...
> Any tip/advice/online reference that might help me?
> Thanks a lot!
> Mathieu.
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