Hi Yves,

Years ago I worked with a group migrating from Unix FrameMaker with 
Postscript display systems to Windows. As you can imagine, they were 
horrified by low-res EPS previews. I used a program called Transverter Pro 
to add high-res TIFF previews to their EPS files. Transverter Pro can 
process batches of files with a single command.

Their web site (http://www.techpool.com/tpro.html) says that the product is 
discontinued, but it looks like you still may be able to download it.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Hi Framers,
> when you import an EPS file into Frame, you get to see a low-res
> preview. Is there a way or a plug-in to "optimize" this preview or to
> get a high-res preview?
> Cheers
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> Yves Barbion
> www.scripto.nu
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