Hi Will,

There are lots and lots of different barcode fonts out there. Each will
encode the barcode string (the information that the barcode represents)

So the barcode font you should use really depends on the scanner device that
will interpret the barcode. The best analogy off the top of my head is that
it's like a codec. The information must be encoded so the interpreter can
understand it. The barcode font you use determines the encoding.

You need to find out what flavor of barcode is expected by the interpreting
device. There may even be some precise positioning and orientation
requirements for the barcode if it will be mechanically scanned in an
automated fashion, such as with folding/inserting devices or mail sorters.

3of9 is very common, but there are many, many others.

Wikipedia has a decent overview of barcodes:

IDAutomation has a bunch of barcode fonts you can download:

But find out which one you need first...


-Don Laux
Solimar Systems, Inc.


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Hi Will,

We use a barcode font called 3of9. Works very well.

Diane Gaskill

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Hi Framers -
Anyone out in FrameLandia know of a barcode font? There doesn't
appear to be one in the usual Windoze offering (or I am not looking
in the right places).
Any advice appreciated.

Will White
ViaLogy LLC

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