I'm currently using FM8. The source file actually comes from one of our server 
where in contents are being inputted and through download, we get xml base 
documents. And I created a simple dtd aiming to open directly the file 
following our standard formatting in frame maker for possible printing of the 

Thank you.

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Could you tell us which version of frameMaker you are using and  
possibly provide a small sample of the source XML as well as of the  
DTD definitions connected to the element. I guess there is a  
connection to "mixed content".

- Michael

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> Hello everyone!
> My problem is this, I'm opening xml files into framemaker, with of  
> course my created dtd everything seems alright but then when I look  
> into its structure view, these "whitespaces" appears to be an error.
> How then could I possibly erase or removed these <whitespaces> upon  
> opening it to my framemaker?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>       Best regards,
> Salvador B. Soriano Jr

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