Hi Darren,

Instead of a list of paragraphs, you could use FrameScript to insert a 
custom marker in each of these paragraphs. The custom marker would have the 
paragraph's text, but it would have the sort string in square brackets 
without the period. The script could be run on the entire book, making it 
virtually automatic; or it could run automatically whenever you update the 
book and generate the index.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc

> Fred Ridder wrote:
>>>The cause is easy.  Period follow spaces in the standard sort order.
> Any entry that includes Heidi followed by a space will sort before an
> entry that has Heidi followed by a period (or almost any other
> punctuation character). The best fix for your situation is another
> matter...<<
> If changing the SortOrder or the IgnoreChars building blocks won't help,
> does anybody have any ideas on what else I can do - even if it's not a
> total fix - because I have a customer that's producing very large
> indexes. Finding every out-of-order "Heidi" would be tedious and
> eye-straining.
> Thanx,
> DJ

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