Why don't you just replace the period with a tiny graphic that looks 
like a period. You could put it on your reference page.

Not the cleanest solution, but it's original :)

Shmuel Wolfson

Rick Quatro wrote:
> Hi Darren,
> Instead of a list of paragraphs, you could use FrameScript to insert a 
> custom marker in each of these paragraphs. The custom marker would have the 
> paragraph's text, but it would have the sort string in square brackets 
> without the period. The script could be run on the entire book, making it 
> virtually automatic; or it could run automatically whenever you update the 
> book and generate the index.
> Rick Quatro
> Carmen Publishing Inc
> 585-659-8267
> www.frameexpert.com
>> Fred Ridder wrote:
>>>> The cause is easy.  Period follow spaces in the standard sort order.
>> Any entry that includes Heidi followed by a space will sort before an
>> entry that has Heidi followed by a period (or almost any other
>> punctuation character). The best fix for your situation is another
>> matter...<<
>> If changing the SortOrder or the IgnoreChars building blocks won't help,
>> does anybody have any ideas on what else I can do - even if it's not a
>> total fix - because I have a customer that's producing very large
>> indexes. Finding every out-of-order "Heidi" would be tedious and
>> eye-straining.
>> Thanx,
>> DJ
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