When you click on the first page in the initial paragraph, you are
almost certainly setting the insertion point after the existing anchor.
If there is not enough room on the page for the second frame to fit, it
will move to the following page, but the paragraph and added frame's
anchor marker remains on the fist page.

To insert a new frame before the existing one, simply hit the home key
(or use the left arrow key) to move the IP before the anchor, then add
the frame as usual.  You will have two anchors in the same paragraph.
You may want to use a space (or several) to separate them visually when
display text symbols is enabled. 

If you really wish to have a separate paragraph for each anchor, click
in the initial paragraph, press HOME then RETURN to add a new empty
paragraph, and set the IP into the first one again either by clicking or
with the left arrow key before adding the anchored frame.

On Tuesday, November 04, 2008 16:28, Deirdre Reagan wrote:

| I am in FM 8.0, Windows XP.
| I have a document whose first page is an anchored frame with a
| Figure Title and Figure Number underneath it.  The anchored
| frame marker and a paragraph marker are the first two symbols
| on the page, then the anchored frame, then the Figure Title and
| Figure Number.
| How do I add an anchored frame in front of this anchored frame?
| Whenever I add the frame, it appears on the second page, with 
| no anchored frame marker.
| Thanks,
| Deirdre

- Lester 
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