With my installation of Frame 8.0p277, I tried using the modified module 
fmdlg.dll from http://www.daube.ch/docu/fmaker36.html#4 without success:

FM 8 crashes --consistently-- when I select an image (imported by 
cross-reference into a graphics frame), and select Graphics > Object 

I did use several other dialogs that were indeed made wider to accomodate 
longer file names. However, the consistent crashes were unacceptable, and 
I reverted to the original fmdlg.dll. Here's hoping that a version 8 dll 
comes soon. I don't trust my abilities in using Resouce Hacker or similar 
tools, though the advice to make a copy of fmdlg.dll before making edits 
should avoid catastrophe...

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Thanks Stuart - I've received two offline suggestions along these lines 
am looking at it right now!
Thanks for all the on- and off-line responses!

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Laurie Little wrote:
> We have a document that is set up with the H1s as the menu path name (so 
> to facilitate auto-population of  online help).
> Some of these paths are quite long, with the result that the targets 
> in the cross-reference dialog are indistinguishable because many start 
> same way, and the dialog box is not resizable.
> We have identified a few workarounds for this, including manually 
> distinct cross-reference markers in the text, or (less desirable for 
> project) changing the structure of the H1s.
> Does anyone have any other ideas?
> Thanks,

You could use a Resource Editor like http://angusj.com/resourcehacker/
to resize your x-ref_main dialog box to accommodate longer names.

Make a backup of fmdlg.dll in Program Files > Adobe > Framemaker >
fminit before you mess with it though!


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