I started "hacking" the dialog boxes a few years back in Frame 6. On 
looking at my records, it looks like I resized the following dialogs in 
Frame 6:

Edit User Variable
Edit Cross Reference
Resize Selected Columns (in tables)
Cross Reference.

The only problem I had with the edited fmdlg.dll and Frame 6 was when 
opening a file with a missing referenced graphic.  As soon as I selected 
to skip the missing graphic, Frame 6 crashed.  Every time.  To get 
around this I kept the original dll, renamed as fmdlg.dll.orig.  If I 
had to open a Frame file with missing graphics, I had to shut Frame down 
and restore the original dll file until I could switch back to the 
modified one (once you get used to the bigger dialogs, you don't want to 
go back to the originals!).

We upgraded to Frame 8 (on XP) earlier this year.  I did the Frame 8 
testing for our Tech Pubs group to find out if there were going to be 
any problems with our Frame 6 templates, plug-ins etc.  I did find that 
I couldn't use the modified dll from my Frame 6 installation.  At first 
I just copied it from the Frame 6 folder to the Frame 8 folder.  It 
appeared to work normally, but then I found that Frame would crash when 
I updated a book.  I had to edit the dll that came with Frame 8.

I have edited the following dialogs in Frame 8:

Edit User Variable
Update Book
Cross Reference
Edit Cross Reference Format

So far I haven't had any problems with Frame 8 crashing while using the 
modified dll file, even with missing referenced graphics. Maybe it 
depends on which dialogs you have modified.  I'm using Frame 8.0p277 on 
Win XP SP2.



Laurie Little wrote, on 12/11/2008 4:56 a.m.:
> We have a document that is set up with the H1s as the menu path name (so as
> to facilitate auto-population of  online help).
> Some of these paths are quite long, with the result that the targets listed
> in the cross-reference dialog are indistinguishable because many start the
> same way, and the dialog box is not resizable.
> We have identified a few workarounds for this, including manually creating
> distinct cross-reference markers in the text, or (less desirable for this
> project) changing the structure of the H1s.
> Does anyone have any other ideas?
> Thanks,
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