Are you talking about including the literal symbol? Or are you trying 
to include a forced line break as part of the action of the variable?

If you want the variable to force a line break, use the code \n 
(the escape code for newline) in the variable definition.

If you want the narrow, left-pointing chevron symbol that FrameMaker
displays for forced line breaks when you are displaying text symbols,
you're kind of out of luck because that character is internal to 
FrameMaker rather than being part of a font character set. But you
can simulate it with a left angled half-quote mark (left single guillemet).
To do this, type the escape code \xdc in the variable definition.

Or if you're looking for a left angle-bracket, which is a reserved character
in many FrameMaker dialogs (and which is also quite different in appearance 
from the line break symbol), just "escape" the reserved character by 
typing \< in the dialog.

Or if you're looking for the end-of-paragraph literal symbol (pilcrow)
you can type \xa6 in the variable definition.

-Fred Ridder

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