One other approach that I use in a situation such as yours, Nancy, is a
combination of xplorer2 and Copy Path. I can easily access my several
directories, sort each directory tab in the order I prefer, and then
copy the path for the easy import into my FM doc. 

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Hi, everyone.

I am working on a large manual with many graphics that are imported by
reference. The graphics are organized in several directories, but even
so each directory contains many dozens of files.

Every time I need to import a graphic, Framemaker initially presents the
graphics files to me in alphabetical order.

It would be much, much more useful if every time I wanted to import the
graphics, they were listed by date, most recent date first.

But, even after I reorder the graphics by date once, the next time I go
to import from that same directory, the files are again in alpha order.

Is there a setting hidden somewhere in Frame that will let me tell it to
display files by date, when I open that directory? (I'd even settle for
it organizing ALL directories by date.)

(I know I can copy the files I'm likely to use into a smaller directory,
work with them there, move them ultimately into the larger directory and
fix the broken links, but I'm trying to avoid this.)

Thankee in advance.

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