Hi Nancy,

This would be a Windows specific issue rather than one relating to FrameMaker.

You can change the default behaviour of file listings until you have finished
the task by following these steps.

   1. Right-click Start, click Explore, and then click drive C.
   2. On the View menu, click Details.
   3. Click the Modified column to sort items by date, press and hold down the
CTRL key, and then quit Windows Explorer by clicking Close in the
upper-right corner of the screen.
   4. Release the CTRL key.
   5. Restart your computer.

Follow the same sequence of steps to reset the file listing sort order back to
Name when the task is complete.


Nancy Allison wrote:
> Hi, everyone.
> I am working on a large manual with many graphics that are imported by
> reference. The graphics are organized in several directories, but even
> so each directory contains many dozens of files.
> Every time I need to import a graphic, Framemaker initially presents the
> graphics files to me in alphabetical order.
> It would be much, much more useful if every time I wanted to import the
> graphics, they were listed by date, most recent date first.
> But, even after I reorder the graphics by date once, the next time I go
> to import from that same directory, the files are again in alpha order.
> Is there a setting hidden somewhere in Frame that will let me tell it to
> display files by date, when I open that directory? (I'd even settle for
> it organizing ALL directories by date.)
> (I know I can copy the files I'm likely to use into a smaller directory,
> work with them there, move them ultimately into the larger directory and
> fix the broken links, but I'm trying to avoid this.)
> Thankee in advance.
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