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Table formats don't set the number or size of rows or columns;
creating or modifying a table sets these features. Table formats
remember the size and number of columns and rows of the selected table
when you create or revise a table format.

For existing tables, you might try selecting and merging (Table >
Straddle) the two heading rows. This combines the content of the two
rows, so you may need to do some clean up editing.

To revise the format to one heading row, select a new one-heading row
table, and click Update All in the Table Designer. New tables will
have the revised format.

On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 12:54 PM, Jim Owens <jowens at magma.ca> wrote:
> Thanks, I'll keep it in mind. I was hoping to update the existing table
> format somehow, so that we don't have to add a new format to the catalog
> or manually edit each table.


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