Thanks. I guess we'll have to update the existing tables manually, one 
way or another.

Peter Gold wrote:
> Hi, Jim:
> Table formats don't set the number or size of rows or columns;
> creating or modifying a table sets these features. Table formats
> remember the size and number of columns and rows of the selected table
> when you create or revise a table format.
> For existing tables, you might try selecting and merging (Table >
> Straddle) the two heading rows. This combines the content of the two
> rows, so you may need to do some clean up editing.
> To revise the format to one heading row, select a new one-heading row
> table, and click Update All in the Table Designer. New tables will
> have the revised format.
> On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 12:54 PM, Jim Owens <jowens at> wrote:
>> Thanks, I'll keep it in mind. I was hoping to update the existing table
>> format somehow, so that we don't have to add a new format to the catalog
>> or manually edit each table.
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> Peter
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