Hope some can help me with this issue:

Using FrameMaker 7.2, Version 7.2p158
Window XP, Perfessional, Version 2003, Service Pack 2

When I print multiple copies (i.e. 12 copies) of a document to an HP 9500
via the book, I am getting page 1: 12 times, Page 2 12 times, etc.

If I save the book to a PDF via ?Save As? feature and then print the PDF, I
get page 1, page 2, etc until the first copy is done and then it starts over
for the next copy. This seems to be the only way I can get the copies to
come off the printer collated correctly.

If I try to save the book as a postscript file using the ?Generate to
Acrobat Data? and distilling to a PDF. But when I print this file it does
the same thing as the if I printed from the book in FrameMaker directly
(first option). 

I have the collate button selected in the print menu.  Our IT people have
tried to use new drivers with no results. We also installed FrameMaker on to
new PC in another area and they are having the same issues. We have been
able to get the book to print and collate correctly before but all of a
sudden it stop working. Any ideas would be helpful and appreciated.

Brenda L. Waltermeyer
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