Hi Framers,
I'm having trouble linking (doing cross-references) between books.
X-refs work fine within each of books A and B, but when I try to
cross-ref from book A to a specific header in the book B, it works fine
in FM, but once I've PDFd the books I get this error: "There was an
error opening this document. This file cannot be found." I've taken the
following steps:

1. I have all files of both books open when building either book
2. I have replaced each cross reference in book A. I can open the
cross-ref in FM by pressing CTRL-ALT and clicking on the cross ref in
book A
3. I rebuilt book B as well as book A in case the cross ref tags had
been missing from book B for some reason

I do have one other factor that might acct for this: book B is one
folder over from book A. To link to the title of book B, I successfully
use a hypertext marker in the form "openlink
..\book_b_folder\book_b.pdf. However, I tried putting the two PDFs in
one folder and it didn't help.

Thanks for any sleuthing hints you can offer! If you don't mind, please
reply to myself as well as the list, since I have the list set on digest


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