Frame 8.0 p227 Windows XP on a Macbook (Parallels)

Say I have a section entitled "Mission Planning". Every time I mention  
the phrase "mission planning" in my document, I want it to be a link  
to that section. But if I link it to the section title, the phrase  
"mission planning" is displayed in upper case. I can create a  
character format that allows me to specify that the link is lower  
case, but say it occurs at the beginning of a sentence: then I would  
want "Mission" to be upper case, and "planning" to be lower case.

What I wonder is if there is a feature like you get in a lot of mail  
applications, where I can type the phrase "mission planning" or  
"Mission planning" and then highlight it and create a link to the  
Mission Planning section.

Is there any way to do this using Frame's cross-reference or any other  



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