Hello, Framers!

I have several (OK, 50) short Framemaker files that I want to combine
into what will be "Chapter 3" of a book file. The book file has already
been created (it's for a user guide that is updated from year to year),
and the chapter already exists ... I've just revamped the chapter and
want to replace it with my combined 50 files. The 50 files have many,
many graphics imported by reference. They also include intra-file
cross-references. I'm waiting until they are integrated into the book
file before I worry about cross-referencing to other files.

My plan is open the existing "Chapter 3" file (the one I want to
replace). I will delete the text flow from Chapter 3, then do a File >
Import > File > Import for each of my 50 short files. When the Import
Text Flow by Copy dialog comes up, I will select Body Page Flow and
Reformat Using Current Document's Formats.

I have been working in Framemaker for about a year and a half, but my
this type of import is not something I have done before. My concerns are
as follows:

1.      Will I lose my graphics? I tested this and it doesn't look like
I will. I'm just nervous. :-(
2.      Will the styles get "messed up"? Both the original "Chapter 3"
and my 50 files used the same document as a template, so the styles are
(or should be!) all the same.

Also, is there a better way to do this? Does anyone have any tips for
any preliminary steps I should take?


Nina Rogers, Technical Writer

Tax Development (Federal)

Drake Software

(828) 524-8020 x4204

nina.rogers at drakesoftware.com

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