Don't forget formats that are not saved in the catalogs, these may
particularly occur in saved table formats, or as captions for objects on
the reference pages.  One of the most insidious and difficult to find
cases in an empty text line object (created via the "A" drawing tool on
the graphics palette), as these are essentially invisible. Try clicking
in the margin and "select all on page" (on the edit menu, or simply
control-a in Windows).

Also, if there are images in the document/template, they may contain
embedded fonts and trigger the error message.

If you really don't want these, be sure the preference to remember
missing fonts is off before you open  the file, open it and save, which
will let FrameMaker make its substitution (as seen in the FM console
window) for the unavailable font permanent.

On Friday, October 24, 2008, Lin Sims wrote:

| On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 11:32 AM, Kristy Nolan <Kristy.Nolan at>
| wrote:
| > OK - I give. I am trying to clean up some files that give multiple
| > messages of a certain font not being available so another is
| > substituted. Managed to get rid of some just by cleaning up pieces
| > that were brought in from other sources, but can't find others. So
| > I went back to the template. I still have seven of these types of
| > errors. I have triple-checked the paragraph formats. I have checked
| > for any overrides within the text boxes that are set up (but no text
| > within said boxes). I found a few that were in the character
| > but not all.
| >
| > So my question is, how can I find out where these particular fonts
| > are referenced when there isn't any text for it to be used on?
| Did you check the Master and Reference pages, too?
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