Hi Kristy,

Another couple of interesting pointers if it happens again:

1. Create a MIF and search for the font name in there. Sometimes it's in the
reference pages, sometimes in the master pages and sometimes (argh) it's
just *off* the page.

In the MIF you can search for the font and basically trace your way up the
'tree' of objects to try and find the right location. Sometimes it's pretty
creative in hiding and showing info.

I've found stuff that is located just off the visible part of the reference
page. Try it: Create a new, portrait, blank document and view the reference
page. In the top right margin of the first reference page place a text
object using the "A" tool. (For purists, that's the "Draw a Text Line"
tool). Type your initials or something similar. Then select Format > Page
Layout > Page Size and make it 6 inches wide. The text is 'hidden' off the
page, but still there.

2. Insert a table. One of every type you have and even if they have no title
showing, set them up (via the designer) to display a title. In some cases I
have found tables that have titles "remembered" and when displayed they put
in a TableTitle with an old and unused format.

The joy of trying to remove a font is that it can be buried in a lot of
creative ways. Most of those are unintended and that may be the most painful
of them all.

Anyway, glad it's resolved, but I wanted to pitch in with a few additional
ideas in case you (or others) run into this down the road.


Bernard Aschwanden
Publishing Smarter


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Thanks! I had checked the Master pages, but had forgotten about the
Reference pages. Such a simple answer to an aggravating problem!

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On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 11:32 AM, Kristy Nolan <Kristy.Nolan at wnco.com>

> OK - I give. I am trying to clean up some files that give multiple 
> messages of a certain font not being available so another is 
> substituted. Managed to get rid of some just by cleaning up pieces 
> that were brought in from other sources, but can't find others. So I 
> went back to the template. I still have seven of these types of 
> errors. I have triple-checked the paragraph formats. I have checked 
> for any overrides within the text boxes that are set up (but no text 
> within said boxes). I found a few that were in the character palette,
but not all.
> So my question is, how can I find out where these particular fonts are

> referenced when there isn't any text for it to be used on?

Did you check the Master and Reference pages, too?

Lin Sims

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