Running non-structured FM 7.2 on Windows XP.

My file has a table that flows over eight pages. The table has three columns. 

           Column 1: Report Name
           Column 2: General Description (Lots of text in this cell)
           Column 3: Notes (Lots of text in this cell)

The Report Names use a unique paragraph tag. This tag generates TOC entries for 
each report name.

The last two rows of the table flow to share a page with text. Each row has the 
Report Name paragraph tag for the TOC.

The first paragraph after the table is tagged Heading 1.

When I generate the TOC, all of the Report Names on pages 1-7 list in correct 
The last two Report names (page 8) come after the page 8 Heading 1, even though 
they appear on the page above the Heading 1.

Everything is in Flow A. I can't find any table or paragraph overrides.

If I force the page 8 Heading 1 to a new page, the generated TOC sequence is 
If I really "tweak" the table so the last rows don't share a page with the 
following text, the generated TOC sequence is correct.

Thanks for any and all help! Terri (tjs_badger at

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