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Running non-structured FM 7.2 on Windows XP.
...The last two rows of the table flow to share a page with text. Each
row has the Report Name paragraph tag for the TOC.

The first paragraph after the table is tagged Heading 1.

When I generate the TOC, all of the Report Names on pages 1-7 list in
correct sequence.
The last two Report names (page 8) come after the page 8 Heading 1,
even though they appear on the page above the Heading 1.

Everything is in Flow A. I can't find any table or paragraph overrides.

If I force the page 8 Heading 1 to a new page, the generated TOC
sequence is correct.
If I really "tweak" the table so the last rows don't share a page with
the following text, the generated TOC sequence is correct.

The incorrect order is not related to overrides or multiple flows. When 
FrameMaker creates the TOC, it first looks at regular paragraph content on 
the page, and then at table content. This applies to FM8 as well.
(Interestingly, PDF bookmarks are retrieved in the right order.)

With a mix of table and non-table content on the same page, retrieved into 
TOC, I'm afraid that the only workaround is to force the heading after the 
table to start on a new page. (If this is an ongoing issue, you may 
experiment with non-table layouts, eg with side heads).

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