Hi all,

Thanks so much for your thoughtful feedback on my issue with the PDF
"error occurred while printing" message. I followed all the advice I
could get, but I never did figure out why it was not working correctly.

When I went to re-boot my computer, there was a message that Windows
needed to install a bunch of updates, so I had it install the updates.
After that, I no longer got the error message in Framemaker.

I don't see how the Windows updates would have made a difference. Maybe
they did, maybe they didn't. Sometimes just re-booting a couple of times
seems to solve the problem.

Still, I wish I could figure out what caused the problem in the first
place. Our big deadline for this PDF manual is in November, and it would
be a nightmare if I couldn't get the program to print as PDF when it
mattered most.

Thanks again! I really appreciate this list.

Nina (not "Nuna" ... it shows how tired/frustrated I am when I can't
spell my own name correctly!)  :)

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