Hi Michael...

The FDK does not specifically provide access to the mouse pointer, so 
this would be a combination of FDK and Windows API calls .. however, I 
don't believe that there is a "hover" event in the FDK, so I don't know 
how you'd get information about the underlying object from FM to be able 
to modify the cursor at any given instance. You can get information 
about an object on mouse click events, but not a hover.

You might try the frame_dev Yahoo group to see if anyone there has any 

Good luck.


Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

Michael Zaichenko wrote:
> Hello all,
> i have an advanced question. Does anyone know how to control mouse pointer in 
> FrameMaker. FM has its own mouse pointer set up i.e. it displays different 
> pointer depending on an object selected. I would like to expand this to 
> custom made objects - i.e. give a cursor different appearance when it is 
> hovered over a specific type of an object.
> Ideas?
> Michael
> Im on FM 7.1, XP SP3
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